I was invited by Maria Farinha Filmes to make the opening credits sequence for the documentary The Territory of Play, directed by David Reeks and Renata Meirelles.

The film is a part of a more extensive project created by the two, intending to cover and document the different ways in which children play across Brazil, as well as the importance playing has on our developments as human beings. Here is a link to the project's official page: territoriodobrincar.com.br

The briefing was clear: the visuals should neither be 'childish', nor create a distinction between adults and children. Based on kids using dirt and hand drawing, a recurrent element shown in the images, I came up with the strokes that sometimes work around the scenery and other times have their own ways and suggestions. It was an interesting process, and I was definitely more attached to its playfulness than to the idea of establishing a rule for the symbols.

What you see here is a mix of my original ideas and what ended up being used in the final cut of the film.