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The LPL is the biggest League of Legends professional championship in the world, and in 2021 DesignStudio was given a chance to re-imagine its brand. 

Inspired by the unpredictable attitude, playing style and culture around the league, and with the strategy line Crazy Is Our Game as a base, we created five graphic expressions that paired with moving textures act as the main assets of the design system.
With motion being a key factor to consider in a gaming brand, we developed two principles, Tension and Explosion, that work as a dial controling the energy of the graphics, helping to inform the behaviour of the visual language and the broadcast.
​​​​​​​Finally, we were also asked to create a custom animated logo for the LPL Hall of Fame. Using the core brand as a starting point, we added an extra layer of materiality and dimension to it, crafting an impressive mark for the League's pantheon of players.
​​​​​​​Developed with the amazing team: Riot Games China, Elise Santangelo-Rous, Bianca Kehoe, Chrysostomos Naselos, Pamm Hong, Chris Van Niekerk, Tomas Gecim, Charlie Keeper, Paddy Blake, Tor Ronald, Simon Scheiber, Freddie Webb and Joe Farley.